Since the activism of UM’s trailblazing students of the 1960s, Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni have lobbied for a center for Black studies at the University of Miami as one tangible means of cultivating a “culture of belonging” among this under-represented constituency. Now, with the Center for Global Black Studies, the University has created an invaluable resource on the Coral Gables Campus that provides a formal and informal hub to nurture ideas, establish research agendas, and form collaborations and mentoring relationships, all of which contribute to an ecosystem of creativity, pedagogy, and scholarship across the University and broader communities.

Vision:  for the Center for Global Black Studies, which emerged out of an initial 2017 multidisciplinary group of faculty, is to become a leading incubator for high-impact research and knowledge sharing on race and social justice as well as a transnational hub for policy solutions, student empowerment, and community and global engagement. The center is a vital gathering place and connector for students and faculty to foster and nurture collaborations among themselves and with other scholars, artists, and community advocates. While global in orientation, the center's unique vision highlights Miami as an important place where the U.S. South and the Global South intersect to support cutting-edge and field-shifting scholarship.

By creating and maintaining a central Black studies research and public education infrastructure, the Center for Global Black Studies aims to advance the University of Miami’s global vision of excellence, relevance, and distinction.